Our unsurpassed technology is your performance guarantee.


Student Loan Billing - Servicing Companies | University Accounting Service, LLCStudents today have grown up with web technology and expect accessibility to information when and where they need it. University Accounting Service (UAS) brings the benefits of that technology and the UAS customer service staff to your student loan billing process.

When it comes to our technology, our focus on excellence includes designing technologically advanced systems that complement our people-oriented approach.

  • 24/7 Web access for account information, payments, entrance/exit counseling
  • Interactive Voice Response Telephone System
  • ECHO for electronic bill presentment and payments
  • Automated Address Changes

Our system currently supports more than 2.5 million loans with an unlimited capacity for expansion. Hallmarks of our system include:

  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Easy navigation
  • User-friendly environment


UAS also believes that aggressive use of Internet tools is at the core of our current service and our vision of the future. This includes:

  • eUAS – our state-of-the-art online billing platform
  • Online reports
  • FTP transmissions
  • Account Scheduling & Collections

UAS continues to adapt to the growing possibilities for the Internet to address campus needs.


Customized service plans and a la carte services allow each institution to choose the level of support they need:

  • Cohort Account Protection to target delinquent borrowers in both cohort groups - this year's and next's
  • Cohort Account Management for complete UAS management of the cohort population to reach targeted default rate goals
  • Automated acceleration complete with account monitoring and borrower notifications
  • Automatic placement with multiple collection agencies
  • Account scheduling & collection provides customized reporting and inventory analysis to monitor internal collection efforts for efficiency and success