Benefit Forms



1. To obtain a benefit form, click on the appropriate link below.

2. Print the form.

3. Complete the form by entering in the requested information. In addition to indicating your status and the dates for which you are requesting benefits, you must have your form certified by an appropriate official that can attest to your status.

4. If you are applying for deferment or cancellation for your status as a Teacher of Special Needs Children or as a Provider of Child/Family Services, or as a Provider of pre-kindergarten or Childcare Services, please print and complete the appropriate checklist. Return the checklist with your completed deferment or cancellation form.

5. Return the completed and certified form to:
University Accounting Service
P.O. Box 918
Brookfield, WI 53008-0932


Teacher/Employment/Service Cancellations for Federal Perkins Loans

Download: Cancellation Form

Download: Instructions for Requesting Cancellation

Download: Instructions for Requesting Deferment Prior to Cancellation

Download: Eligibility Data Form for Teachers of Special Needs Children

Download: Checklist for Child/Family Services Cancellations

Download: Checklist for pre-K/Childcare Cancellations

Deferments for NDSL/Federal Perkins Loans:

The Department of Education requires a specific deferment form for each type of benefit. Please choose the form that matches your status. Refer to the form for details regarding eligibility.

Download: In-school Deferment (You are enrolled in school at least half time.)

Download: Military Service Deferment (Your service is in connection with a war, military operation, or national emergency.)

Download: Rehabilitation Training Deferment

Download: Fellowship Deferment (You are participating in a Graduate Fellowship program full time.)

Download: Unemployment Deferment (You are seeking but unable to find full time employment.)

Download: Economic Hardship Deferment (You receive payments from a federal or state, public assistance program OR your monthly income is less than 150% of the poverty guideline for family size.)

Download: Forbearance Request Due to Student Loan Debt Burden (The monthly payments you owe on your Title IV loans from all lenders is 20% or more of your monthly taxable income.)

Download: General Forbearance Request (You are experiencing temporary financial hardship.)

Deferments for Other Types of Loans

Download: Deferment Form (For student, advanced professional training, Peace Corps, Uniformed Service/Military, internship, or fellowship deferment.) Not all benefits are available in all programs.

Download: Financial Arrangement Form (To request unemployment or economic hardship deferments, forbearance, or an alternate payment arrangement due to financial circumstances.) These types of requests may take up to 45 days to process and may need to be forwarded to the original lending institution for approval.)

Deferment, Postponement, Cancellation Forms for Nurse Faculty Loans

Download: Request for Postponement for Teaching as Nurse Faculty. (Complete at the beginning of the academic year.)

Download: Request for Cancellation for Teaching as Nurse Faculty. (Complete at the end of the academic year.)

Download: Request for Deferment

Other Forms

Download: ACH Payment Authorization Form